How to update Nintendo Switch Dock

This article is about how to update Nintendo Switch dock. At long last, a Switch update delivered in September 2021 permits you to update the dock’s firmware. You’ll track down this at System Settings > System > Update Dock.

However, note that this choice just applies to the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model’s) dock. Assuming you have the standard Switch or Switch Lite, this will not have an impact.

Keep Your Switch Fully Updated

Presently you know how to update the firmware, games, and regulators on your Nintendo Switch. While it’s not the most astonishing piece of claiming the control center, having the most recent highlights and overhauls is consistently advantageous.

Update the Dock Firmware

  • Complete these means
  • Guarantee your control center has the most recent framework update introduced.
  • From the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu, select System Settings.
  • Look down to System.
  • Select Update Dock, then, at that point, Begin Update to start refreshing the dock’s firmware.
  • Assuming the update stops before it tends to be finished, attempt this progression once more.


  • Just the dock with a LAN port – model no. HEG-007 – can be updated. This is the dock included with Nintendo Switch – OLED model.
  • Since Nintendo Switch Lite isn’t viable with any dock, this element isn’t accessible on Nintendo Switch Lite frameworks.
  • Complete these means
  • Guarantee your control center has the most recent framework update introduced.
  • From the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu, select System Settings.
  • Look down to System.
  • Select Update Dock, then, at that point, Begin Update to start refreshing the dock’s firmware.
  • In case the update stops before it very well may be finished, attempt this progression once more.
  • The new dock that accompanies the Nintendo Switch OLED framework can get firmware updates. To do as such, you can look at this bit by bit tutorial at Seeking Tech.

1. Before we start, it ought to be noticed that main the firmware of the new dock can be updated. The old dock that accompanied the first Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a firmware to update.

For the ignorant, this new dock ought to have an implicit LAN port and a model number of HEG-007.

2. It ought to likewise be noticed that the versatile just Nintendo Switch Lite can’t be put on the new dock. Hence, you will not have the option to update the firmware of the new dock by utilizing the Switch Lite handheld.

All things considered, you really want either the first Switch model or the new Switch OLED.

3. The initial step is to update to the most recent firmware for your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED in the event that you haven’t done as such as of now.

To start, turn on your framework.

4. Assuming your framework is associated with the Internet and there is another firmware accessible, then, at that point, your framework ought to automatically download the update document.

Assuming you don’t see a notice for the automatic firmware update and your framework is associated on the web, you can do a manual update by first choosing System Settings in the Home menu.

OLED dock updates

Nobody knows precisely what’s inside the dock however it apparently has a similar Megachips STDP2550 Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) to HDMI Converter, a unique converter chip that works with dock video yield by means of DisplayPort Alternate mode over USB Type-C.

DP Alternate Mode permits USB-C lines to communicate USB 3.1 information, power, and A/V signs through one rope. At the point when you dock your Switch, the video signal is sent through the USB-C connector by means of the DP over USB-C (Mobility DisplayPort) protocol. The STDP2550 then, at that point, changes over that video signal into HDMI 1.4 video out signal which is communicated through the HDMI line and to a HDTV. The dock is essentially a connector that allows you to play Switch games on a screen. You can also read about best selling Nintendo Switch games from here.

Still however, the full precise thinking for dock firmware updates is obscure.

Gamers hypothesize the framework might have another inward chip that future evidences the dock to help a reinforced Switch 4K or Switch Pro model. This idea of Nintendo updating the control center’s dock was likewise something we anticipated in 2020. There’s conviction that the firmware updates will switch on and actuate idle dock equipment highlights after some time to empower better execution, however this appears to be an exercise of blind faith.

Ability to Update Dock’s Firmware

Following the new Switch Version 12.0.0. update, dataminers have found that it adds an intriguing new element to the control center.

As per notable data miner Oatmeal dome, the new form update has unobtrusively enabled the Switch to update the firmware of the Nintendo Switch dock. This is interesting as the equipment utilized in the Switch dock is obviously very fundamental, and it isn’t clear why it would require refreshing.
All things considered, Oatmeal dome later affirmed the presence of another setting inside the firmware update named “CrdA”. Which some are currently conjecturing to be a reference to the codename for the reputed new model of Switch that was found already.

Starting yesterday, the Nintendo Switch will have Bluetooth ability, permitting individuals utilizing the Switch in compact mode to associate with remote earphones. There will likewise be utilizes for the Nintendo Switch’s new Bluetooth usefulness for individuals that have their Switch docked and associated with a TV. Proven by the element’s restrictions.

Just two remote regulators can be associated with the Switch while it is connected to Bluetooth sound. The Nintendo Switch can likewise just be associated with one Bluetooth sound gadget at one time. It can set aside to 10 to be immediately associated. The Nintendo Switch likewise can not utilize Bluetooth receivers, and there is a disclaimer among Nintendo’s notes that players “may encounter sound idleness relying upon Bluetooth gadget.”


In other Nintendo Switch news, EuroGamer reports that the retail cost for the control center is dropping across Europe with the arrival of the OLED model unavoidable. The updated console is set to drop Oct. 8 with the new Metroid Dread game in tow.

The EU rendition’s cost has been dropped from €330 to €300, while the UK model cost has dropped from £280 to £260. Authoritatively, Nintendo of Europe doesn’t set the equipment cost for retailers, however it is normal that the value set for its own store will be trailed by huge box stores. However, there are at this point no designs to drop the cost in North America, in spite of what a few fans may wish, as revealed by Stephen Totilo of Axios.

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