How to Transfer Nintendo Network ID to Another Wii U

To mess around online on Wii U, you can transfer Nintendo Network ID to Another Wii U. There is no expense to play on the web, but that ID houses the entirety of a player’s web-based information. Unfortunately, Nintendo ID is both attached to an individual’s account and to the actual equipment. Unlike with different control center of this age, you can’t log out of an account and afterward sign in on another control center – Nintendo ID doesn’t travel.

Until now official Nintendo guidelines had suggested that once made a Nintendo Network ID is locked to a solitary machine and can’t be transferred to another under any circumstances – regardless of whether users are supplanting a faulty machine.

No, you can’t Transfer Nintendo Network ID to Another Wii U. A Nintendo Network Account must be used on the control center where it was made. In the future, you will actually want to use your Nintendo Network account with future Nintendo consoles and different gadgets, such as PC.”

Throughout the long term, Nintendo has added some adaptability to the account framework. You can, for instance, use a Nintendo ID on a 3DS just as you can use Nintendo Zone from Home and your eShop balance is divided among the two gadgets, but just one of every gadget is allowed to be matched up with a solitary Nintendo ID.

What if you bought new Nintendo Wii U and want to move account?

The Wii U supports a single direction Transfer Nintendo Network ID to Another Wii U and privately stored content to another Wii U control center. You can start the transfer from the Settings menu. You need the accompanying things:

Transfer Nintendo Network ID to Another Wii U

  • Both the source and target Wii U control center. Each should be available, set up, and fully updated, and each will require a functioning Wii U GamePad combined to the control center.
  • A SD Card with enough space to hold all framework and save information from the source Wii U. Programming information will be redownloaded once the transfer is finished, so the SD Card just should be huge enough for framework and save information.
  • A TV for the underlying setup of each Wii U; nonetheless, it isn’t expected to finish the transfer interaction. All prompts for the transfer interaction are on the Wii U GamePad.

What if someone wants to move a secondary account to a second Wii U?

Unfortunately, you can just transfer all accounts on the double – or none of them by any means. So you either transfer all Nintendo IDs and game privileges to the new machine, or you’ll need to make another Transfer Nintendo Network ID to Another Wii U on the objective control center.

You can unlink a Nintendo ID from a Wii U – but that won’t permit you to add it another machine. You can reproduce it on the first machine, or transfer all Nintendo IDs on that machine to another control center.


  1. Force on both Wii U control center.
  2. Set up an Internet association on both the source and target Wii U control center.
  3. Ensure both the source and target Wii U control center have the latest framework update.

In case you are transferring from a Wii U Deluxe Set to a Wii U Basic Set, survey information the executives to ensure you have under 3GB of save information. Move any extra information to a USB External Storage Device.

Begin with the source Wii U

  • On the source Wii U, select System Settings from the Wii U Menu.
  • Using the Left Stick, look to System Transfer and press the A Button.

  • Select Transfer Between Wii U Consoles.

Transfer Nintendo Network ID to Another Wii U

  • Stand by a second while the Wii U checks for the most recent framework updates and information required for the transfer.
  • Select Next subsequent to exploring the About System Transfers message.
  • On the Important Information Regarding Data Transfers screen, look to the bottom of the message and select Agree.

  • Select Preparing for Transfer.

Transfer Nintendo Network ID to Another Wii U

  • Select Source Console when asked what job this control center will play in the transfer.

  • Affirm that you see a message on the Wii U GamePad requesting. That you adjust the bolts on your GamePad screens.

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