How to Update Rocket League on Nintendo Switch

In this article we will show you How to Update Rocket League on Nintendo Switch. Rocket League continues to add new content and execution supporters to the game. Figure out how to update Rocket League and Rocket League Update fix notes here.

Rocket League is one of the most played multiplayer games. The player base for Rocket League has expanded exponentially since Epic Games made Rocket league an allowed to play element. In this game, players put themselves in Rocket Fueled Cars and play sports like Football, Basketball, and Ice Hockey. In Rocket League they get to play these games in rocket-supported vehicles, zooming around the entire field, attempting to get the ball in the opponent’s objective.

How to Update Rocket League on Nintendo Switch

How to Update Rocket League on Nintendo Switch

  • Having the most recent version of framework programming will guarantee that Rocket league running at its ideal.
  • This will likewise further develop convenience and improve security.
  • Select the “Framework Settings” on the HOME Menu.
  • Look down through the System Settings menu and select “Framework.”
  • Select “Framework Update”, to begin the framework update process.

During the interaction, the framework will initially play out a check to decide whether another framework update is accessible. Assuming an update is accessible, the download cycle will start automatically.


Reinstalling Rocket League can once in a while fix odd issues. You will initially have to uninstall, then, at that point, redownload Rocket League (This won’t erase game save information).

To uninstall Rocket League:

  • Feature Rocket League on the Home Screen
  • Press the + button on the right Joy-Con
  • Select Manage Software
  • Go to Rocket League
  • Select Manage Software
  • Delete Software
  • Select Delete to confirm

To re-download Rocket League:

  • Open the eShop
  • profile used to buy Rocket League
  • Go to profile in the upper right corner
  • Select Redownload from the menu on the left

How to Update Rocket League?

Rocket League is accessible for download on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Rocket League Update is a lot more straightforward on the consoles as the consoles request that the players update at whatever point an update is accessible. The only prerequisite is to be connected to a steady and quick web connection. To update Rocket League on PC, the players need to go to Steam, there is an update is accessible, a message will peruse, ‘kindly introduce the latest Rocket League update’, click on that to start the update. Restarting the console or PC can likewise set off a Rocket league update.

Rocket League Update v1.88 Patch Notes

Look at the fix notes for the most recent Rocket League Update underneath:

Upgraded Xbox Series X|S Support

For players on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, a new “Video Quality” dropdown is presently accessible under Settings > Video. This permits you to play Rocket League with all things considered “Execution” or “Quality” settings as nitty gritty underneath:

Xbox Series X

  • Quality: 4K resolution at 60 FPS with HDR
  • Execution: Game runs at 2688×1512 at 120 FPS with HDR
  • Game UI shows at 4K
  • Xbox Series S
  • Quality: 1080p Resolution at 60 FPS with HDR
  • Execution: Game runs at 1344×756 at 120 FPS with HDR
  • Game UI shows at 1080p
  • Upgraded help requires viable presentations and HDMI links. Become familiar with similarity here.

Rocket League: Software updates (most recent: Ver. 2.11)

On this page, you will observe everything to be aware of Software updates for Rocket League on Nintendo Switch (initially delivered on the Nintendo eShop on November fourteenth 2017 in Japan, Europe, and North America).

How to Update Rocket League on Nintendo Switch

New Rocket League Update Live Alongside Patch Notes

Another Rocket League update is presently live on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X alongside fix noticed that uncover and detail everything engineer Psyonix and distributer Epic Games has changed and improved with the update named v.2.10. Tragically, for players. of the game, the update isn’t extremely vital, yet it readies the game for the forthcoming Neon Night occasions coming to the game tomorrow, January 26. Restarting the console or PC can likewise set off a Rocket league update.

Right now of distributing, it’s indistinct how enormous the document size of the update is, and that implies it’s muddled what amount of time it will require to download. What’s probably the case is it will shift from one stage to another and it should be on the lighter side considering the length of the fix notes.

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