How to Fix Xbox 360 Wired Controller Not Working Properly

The greater part of the in-your-face gamers like me who love to play their games with Xbox 360 Controller Wire than mouse or console, as it gives a superior Gaming experience. All things considered, Xbox controller driver is required in light of the fact that this will assist you. With doing the arrangement for Xbox 360 controller to upgrade your gaming experience.

Thus, In this article, we gave a few solutions to fix Xbox 360 controller driver not working blunder. I’m guaranteeing you that before the finish of this article, you will become familiar with every one of the ways by which you can tackle Xbox 360 controller windows 10 driver issues. As you might have found that your Xbox 360 Controller Wire isn’t working. Each time we plug it in to 360 it flickers twice. Once as player 1 and 4, then, at that point, every one of the 4 lights. After it has wrapped up blazing the controller won’t work and simply acts on the off chance that it has no force.

An enormous number of clients like utilizing the Xbox 360 controller to mess around on Windows 10 PC. Now and then, be that as it may, they whine about their Xbox 360 Controller Wire not dealing with PC. In case you are likewise attempting to determine this issue, you go to the perfect spot on the grounds that MiniTool investigates some powerful solutions for you.

As Xbox 360 Controller enthusiastic sweethearts, you can PS4 Controller on PC Minecraft in the extraordinary comfort it brings you. In any case, simultaneously, you should be acquainted with the scene that when you were playing the PC games.

Fix Xbox 360 Controller Wired

Solution 1: Check Xbox 360 Controller battery

You ought to at first ensure the batteries of the Xbox 360 Controller is working appropriately on Windows 10. To finish this progression, you can decide to embed another AA battery pack into the Xbox 360 Controller.

Or then again in case you are utilizing the Xbox remote 360 Controller, you are encouraged to supplant the previous one with another remote Xbox 360 Controller battery pack. Yet in addition in case you are battery-powered battery shopper, you can simply re-energize the battery pack to check whether the Xbox 360 Controller Wire is working effectively.

Solution 2: Change a USB port

In the event that the battery is in acceptable condition, presently you can attempt to plug your Xbox 360 Controller to another USB 2.0 or 3.0 port to check in case it is the messed up USB port that brought about this Xbox 360 Controller not having a consistent association with Windows 10.

You can attempt to plug your Xbox 360 Controller into various USB ports to test it, for this situation, you may likewise have the option to fix the Xbox 360 Controller Wire flickering or blazing issues by reconnecting the Xbox 360 Controller to an alternate USB beneficiary. Also, here you can fix USB port not working issue on Windows 10.

Solution 3: Update Xbox 360 Controller drivers

On the off chance that the Xbox 360 Controller not associated or not working blunder continues on your PC, it turns out the way that the Xbox 360 Controller drivers are encountering a few issues, in this manner, you would better refresh the Xbox 360 Controller remote or wired drivers to the furthest down the line rendition to keep away from the driver defilement, missing or obstruction.

  • Go to Device administrator.
  • Expand the Xbox 360 Peripherals and discover Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows 10.

xbox 360 wireless controller driver

  • Right snap Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows and decide to Uninstall it.

uninstall driver

  • Click Scan for equipment changes or simply restart your PC, then, at that point. Windows 10 will consequently introduce another Xbox 360 Controller driver.

Or on the other hand assuming you need to refresh the Xbox 360 Controller Wire. For a high level or redid one, you can go to Driver Booster, which is an expert and secure driver. Downloading and refreshing instrument, you can depend on it.

Solution 4: Uncheck Power Management

driver booster scan now

It is conceivable that your force the executives causes the Xbox 360 Controller Wire neglect to work or associate with Windows 10, accordingly unchecking it very well might be a dependable way.

  • Under Xbox Peripherals, right snap Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows 10 to open the Properties.
  • Navigate to Power Management tab, and uncheck Allow the PC to wind down this gadget to save power. Then, at that point, click OK.

non select allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

Solution 5: Perform Windows Update

In the event that you have a squinting or blazing or simply not working Xbox 360 Controller. You can utilize the Windows 10 implanted in instrument to keep the Xbox 360 Controller. Driver forward-thinking, consequently settling its neglecting to work issue.

Go as the way: Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update > Check for refreshes. Also, this is the instructional exercise: how to utilize Windows Update in Windows 10.

Then, at that point, Windows 10 will naturally check for your gaming programming driver. If conceivable, it will introduce all the modern drivers for you, including different Xbox 360 Controller drivers.

From every one of the solutions introduced, you can take on one viable, the Xbox 360 Controller Wire. Either wired or remote, you can think that it is working appropriately on your PC. You can appreciate messing around with Xbox 360 Controller gamepads once more.

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